Jeremy racing in his MX5

Old Testament NASCAR (or 'Roman Rallying') was a motor sport invented by Jeremy Clarkson during the Middle East Special. The presenters found themselves an abandoned chariot racing track and decided to use the oval shape of it as the track for a car race.


During the race, all of the presenters had their convertibles filled up with sand as the track was covered with the very substance. James stayed in last for the entire race whilst Jeremy and Richard battled constantly for first place. In the end, though, they declared Richard the winner. The sand they were stirring up was clearly visible to the public, as Jeremy said "someone's gonna see this dust. And they're going to come and then there'll be anger and rage". In addition, the producers did not want them to crash and destroy a seven thousand-year-old pillaer. As a consequence of the race, Richard lost "a buttock" of his Fiat, due to James slamming into him during the race.

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