NB: In an interview with Entertainment Weekly shortly after the second season premiere, Clarkson revealed the Mozambique episode was not intended to be a special. Instead, he revealed, the trio had planned to film in Colombia, but his bout with pneumonia delayed their shoot. He referred to the Mozambique film as "a mini-special" leaving its current status unknown.[1]

An episode of the Amazon motoring show The Grand Tour filmed in Mozambique will most likely air sometime in early 2018 as the eleventh and final episode of the show's second season, or the twenty-fourth episode overall. It will feature Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May and was filmed in March, 2017. It is currently untitled.

It will feature the presenters being forced to work together to transport fish to impoverished communities in Mozambique's interior. Each will choose a different vehicle to complete this task; Hammond will be driving a motorbike, Clarkson will be in a pickup truck, and May will be in a second-hand Mercedes.The starting point appears to be in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, at the very southern end of the country.

The episode will presumably be set entirely within Mozambique. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Clarkson appeared to indicate that the episode would air at the end of the second series.

In various interviews leading up to the premiere of season two, all three presenters claimed that their time in Mozambique was their favourite from the upcoming series.

Originally, the episode was believed to the second series special. However, Clarkson later revealed in an EW interview that the special was actually still to be filmed, and was based in Colombia. He referred to their episode in Mozambique as a "mini-special". Because only ten studio filming dates were posted, and there are at least eleven episodes in the second season, it is highly-likely that the episode will not feature a studio audience, Conversation Street or Celebrity Face Off segments, and will air as one uninterrupted film, despite not being a special.



Vehicle Make/Model Driver
Motorbike (brand


Richard Hammond
Nissan froniterrr
Nissan Navara Jeremy Clarkson
MercEDES 2 200t
Mercedes 200T James May

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