The V6 version of the car gave great peformance a 1800 turbo version was added to the range which at the time of manufacture gave a tax break, but a few years later was abolished. The cars in the range were manufactured by MGRover but the parent company was bmw in the begining, when the company changed ownership the range was changed in that a V8 version was added and the cars became rearwheel drive. The engines were made by ford  and dodge giving incredable performance and sound, which at the time Rivaled that of much more expencive sport saloons proving it was the poor mans Bentley.


The MG ZT is a high-performance MG-branded version of the Rover 75 executive car, produced by MG Rover art their Longbridge plant in Birmingham from 2001 to 2005. An estate version, the MG ZT-T, was also available. Styling is similar to the 75, although uprated springs and chassis modifications make for a far firmer ride. Production of the cars ceased in 2005 amidst financial turmoil at MG Rover. After the collapse of MG Rover in April 2005, the design rights have passed on to SAIC. 

Jeremy Clarkson was known to have owned an MG-ZT, kept in his secret underground garage from 2002, at least up until June 2006 where it has not be sighted since. 

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