Jeremy's Citroen Stuck

Jeremy's Motorhome stuck on the beach.

Jeremy's Homemade Motorhome (or The Leaning Tower of Citroen) was a 3 storey motorhome constructed and invented by Jeremy Clarkson. It was built for a challenge that was featured in the 15th season of Top Gear. The motorhome was made from old flats and a Citroen CX Break.


As per the challenge instructions Jeremy's Motorhome included cooking facilities in the lower level which consisted of toaster and a grill. It also included two hammocks on the top storey and a 'Japanese contemplation area' on the middle level. Jeremy also fixed a ladder between the levels for easier access.

Road TestEdit

After constructing their motorhomes the presenters were told to drive themselves to Cornwall for a 'camping holiday'. On the journey Jeremy discovered a flaw in his tall structural design. The entire Citroen swayed from side to side in the wind and the weight of the 3 stories. Due to this Jeremy rebranded it 'The Leaning Tower of Citroen'. The presenters pulled over and Jeremy removed some of the windows of his structure so that the air would be able to flow through the structure. This didn't fix the swaying problem although. Later, they pulled into a gas station to refuel their cars and Jeremy nearly clipped the top of his car onto the roof over the fuel pumps. Eventually Jeremy reached the campsite, although he got a warning light on the dashboard and was forced to stop. That night Jeremy fell out of his hammock whilst trying to get to sleep. In the morning the Citroen had been blown over by the wind and as such Jeremy hired a crane to turn it the right way up. His Japanese garden was destroyed in the process. Their next challenge was to drive to a beach and get changed into a wetsuit inside their motorhomes. Jeremy appeared to win the challenge although it was never officially announced. After their surfing lessons were interrupted, and Jeremy's car got stuck, they were instructed to cook a meal in their motorhomes using nothing but what they could buy from a service station.   

Jeremy's motorhome falling off the cliff

Jeremy's Motorhome plummeting to it's death

Jeremy decided to make the main course but was stopped before he could finish when Richard's motorhome caught on fire. The next day the presenters drove themselves to a 'beauty spot' which was a cliff. Whilst Jeremy got an ice cream from a shop at the foot of the cliff Richard and James hatched a plan to park his car right on the edge so that it would be impossible for him to drive it out of the tricky spot. However, their plan failed when the car took off on them and it fell over the side and plummeted to the ground.


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