Top gear james scooter

James being towed by Richard

James' Mobility Scooter
was a creation built and designed by James May for the off-road mobility scooter challenge that was featured in series eighteen of Top Gear. Unlike the others, James based his design off of a wheelchair, modifying one to make it more suitable for the others. James tested his creation with the others in Abergavenny before partaking in an off-road race against wounded soldiers. 


From the basic electric wheelchair James added numerous new features to make it easier for a disabled person to go off-road. He added a dispenser to the rear of the chair which puts gravel under the wheels to improve traction in tough situations. James added a handle which changes the angle of the seat so that when the disabled person is travelling up hills they can remain level. May also added a coffee machine, iPad, and sat nav to the front of his creation and changed the wheels so that they could better handle going off-road.



To first ensure that their mobility scooters were multipurpose (they work in the town and the country) they went for a ride through the nearby Welsh town of Abergavenny. In the town James went into a bakery shop where he discovered that reversing his creation was harder then he imagined. Subsequently, he collided with many of the shelves and walls inside the small bakery.

Off Road RaceEdit

After testing their machines in Abergavenny the presenters lined up for a race against three wounded soldiers who were using off-road scooters that they had bought themselves. James' scooter was seriously underpowered for the race and he was the slowest person off the line. James eventually got stuck in a muddy patch in the middle of the first rise the presenters encountered due to this lack of power and was forced to get towed out by Hammond. After failing to climb yet another small hill James' scooter was deemed as the worst for off-roading, with Hammond and Clarkson eventually agreeing to leave him behind. After the race, which the Top Gear crew lost, James attempted to redeem himself by proving that his wheelchair was better than convential wheelchairs by travelling up a small step without help; he failed to do so.

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