James motorhome

James' Motorhome

James' Homemade Motorhome was an invention constructed for a challenge that was featured during the 15th series of Top Gear. The motorhome was made from a 1987 Lotus Excel.


James' motorhome was an old Lotus Excel with a rocket-shaped roof box on top. The roof box was large enough to fit a sleeping bag and a potty. A section of the roof was on telescopic poles so that it was easy for James to sit on the loo. It also had a grill. On the side of the roof box were two wing-shaped storage containers with assorted items. The roof box also had an 'escape chute' which led directly to the Lotus' rear seats below it.


After constructing their motorhomes the presenters were told to drive themselves to Cornwall for a 'camping holiday'. On the journey James found no flaws in his design whilst Jeremy and Richard had to pull over to fix their motorhomes. Later, they pulled into a petrol station where James had to saw a section of wood of his car as it was covering his filler cap. Eventually they reached the campsite, although Jeremy got a warning light on the dashboard and was left behind. James sat down to watch Richard assemble his motorhome. That night, James appeared to be the only one who got a decent sleep. The next day another challenge was given. Their challenge was to drive to a beach and get changed into a wetsuit inside their motorhomes. James found it extremely difficult as he had to lie down in the confined space. After their surfing lessons were interrupted, and Jeremy's car got stuck, they were instructed to cook a meal in their motorhomes using nothing but what they could buy from a service station. Richard decided to make the entre but was stopped before he could finish when his motorhome caught on fire. They were unsuccessful in extinguishing all of the flames. The next day the presenters drove themselves to a 'beauty spot' which was a cliff. Whilst Jeremy got an ice cream from a shop at the foot of the cliff Richard and James hatched a plan to park Jeremy's car right on the edge. Their plan failed and Jeremy's motorhome was destroyed when it went over the edge. James' motorhome appeared to be the most successful of all their creations, though none were particularly successful or feasible.


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