Warehouse remains

Remains of the barn

In August 14, 2007 a fire destroyed a barn in Hill End Farm in High Street, Sandridge. BBC rented half of the barn to store the props for Top Gear UK, while the other half was used to store grain. Over 30 firefighters extinguished the fire and tried to prevent oxygen cylinders from exploding. Both the police and firefighters stated that the fire was set off deliberately. The BBC released no statements regarding to the damages done to the props of their hit television show.

In Series 10, it was revealed that the furniture, television and The Cool Wall had completely burned down. The presenters were given armchairs and a old-fashioned CRT television instead, and due to irreparable damage to the Cool Wall, it was finally abandoned. The Power Lap Board was immediately replaced.

The presenters claimed that the fire was started by the hosts of the rival motoring show, Fifth Gear.

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