The P4/5.

The P4/5 came into existence when Pininfarina offered to design a one-off car for a film director and stock exchange magnate, James Glickenhaus.

Glickenhaus said he wanted the car to have retro influnces, but the design team thought they should also make it look slightly futuristic. Ferrari had to build over 200 new parts just for this car.


  • Year produced: 2006
  • Number produced: 1
  • Engine: V12
  • 0-62 mph: 3 seconds
  • Power: 660 bhp
  • Max. speed: 225 mph


  • A tablet P.C. with G.P.S. and an animated 3D model of the car.

Cool factorEdit

  • There's only one and it's kept in a private collection.


  • It's meant to be a modern version of the 1960's P4.
  • It has butterfly doors designed so that there is no noise, even at very high speeds.
  • All of the body is made from carbon fibre reinforced plastic.
  • It's even more aerodynamic than the Ferrari Enzo, giving it excellent roadholding.

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