This was Ferrari's first attempt at a road car specifically aimed at the track, a Ferrari 360 pumped up. Jeremy liked it a lot, despite the lack of comforts. It had no radio, nor did it have any carpets. It only had a harness and a nice little button saying 'race'.

Ferrari also offered to take the car apart for you, giving you the option of having the following items thrown out: leather interior to be replaced with fabric or the power windows. The window would be replaced witha plastic one with a round catflap to open.

The Power Lap

The Stig took the Ferrari out with a good time of 1.22.3.

Years produced: 1999-2005

Quantity produced: 200

Engine: V8

0-62 m.p.h.: 4.3 seconds

Power: 425 b.h.p.

Max. speed: 188 m.p.h.

Gadgets: Well, there's no radio...

Cool factor: You can choose some racing stripes to enhance the looks of the car.

Trivia: It has a racing flappy paddle gearbox.

It also has a racing traction control system.

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