Ferrari have earnt themselves a reputation as one of the all-time great supercar manufacturers due to their outstanding road and racing machines.

Enzo Ferrari started his career sponsoring racing drivers because his main interests were cars and winning. He particularly favoured winning cars. His cars won quite a lot on the track, but they also won the hearts and imaginations of many lifelong Ferrari fans.

What made Ferraris what they are, though? The answer - their looks, their power and Enzo's likeness for the colour red. Ferrari S.p.A. is a sports car manufacturer headquartered in Maranello.


  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Year founded: 1928
  • First model produced: 166 Inter in 1963
  • Original owner of company: Enzo Ferrari (The guy that looks like Mesut Oezil)


Enzo Ferrari met a World War I pilot called Count Francesco Baracca in 1923. Baracca's lucky symbol was the horse and he had one painted on each of his planes. His mother asked Enzo to have horses on his cars to bring Francesco luck.

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Top Gear has long had a liking for Ferrari, citing speed, passion and a completeness to their cars. Clarkson recently described the Ferrari 458 Italia as the greatest driver's car ever, after comparing it to James May's Ferrari F430.

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