Ferdinand GT3 RS

An Austrian artist mated a bicycle mechanism with four bike wheels, a handmade chassis and an empty Porsche bodyshell to make this "Car", it immediately took the record as the slowest lap time ever on Top Gear, and the lap was done by Richard himself. The official TG team nicknamed this as the "Porsche Pain au Chocolat", since Richard Hammond mentioned, prior to setting off in the car, having eaten a "chocolatey croissant thing" that morning, along with some Frosties and half a cup of coffee.

The original name of this car is Ferdinand GT3 RS - The world´s slowest Porsche.
The car was made by the Austrian artist Johannes Langeder.

2 x 0,14 HP (Depending on driver)

0 to 3 mph in 3,5 sec

Top Speed (horizontal) : 8 mph

CO2 Emission : 4,02g / Mile (From air respiration by driver)

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