Dream Garage is a segment by Matt LeBlanc, starting from Series 24.

Setting Edit

It involves Matt asking Chris Harris and Rory Reid what car they would like at the asked price. After they give their answer, Matt would say "Both right answers, both wrong answers" and would instead bring up something that isn't even a car. He shows a film of it and sometimes involves the week's guest in it.

Matt's Choices Edit

Episode 1: (A high pressure hose) (Matt used the hose to carve his name on the passenger side door of a Volvo) (James McAvoy wasn't involved)

Episode 3: (A feaces shredder) (Tamsin Greig handled the controls which is shreds some melons, a shed and the Volvo that Matt sprayed his name on)

Episode 6: (A crane) (Matt and Ross Noble had a bowling challenge using sheds as bowling pins and random items as bowling balls)