The Donkey Wagon

The Donkey Wagon is Rutledge Wood's 1972 Volkswagen Transporter van, which which cut in half and was powered by a donkey.

After the Transporter was rear ended by Adam Ferrara's 1982 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham in Mexico, the Volkswagen's entire engine case split in half, rendering the car unusable. Wood took the car to a Mexican mechanic, who did not speak English, and Wood's Spanish wasn't perfect. Rutledge told the mechanic to fix the engine and add more horsepower, but understood as adding a horse to the car. Since the car woundn't move with a broken engine and a horse, Rutledge had to cut off the entire rear body of the car, leaving only the front and the compartment for the front passenger and drive seats.

After reaching San Felipe, the presenters were challenged to make the car more 'entertaining', so Rutledge added a mini sombrero hat to the wagon. After making their cars more entertaining, the presenters decide to test out their car, but neither did Tanner Foust's Eagle Talon TSI nor did Ferrara's Cadillac survive, so all three then went back to USA in Rutledge's Donkey Wagon, making it the best 'college car'.

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