The Cheap Porsche Challenge is a challenge that was featured in the sixth episode of the fifth series of Top Gear UK.

They were given £1,500 and were told to buy any Porsche they liked. Jeremy bought a 1983 Porsche 928, Hammond bought a 1980 Porsche 924 and James bought a 1984 Porsche 944.  

In the first challenge, they drive from London to Brighton. They would lose 5 points for each time they had to open the bonnet. James' 944 gets a puncture and Jeremy's 928 breaks down seven times due to overheating and leaking.

In the second challenge, they had to put ads that mentioned their cars in a lonely hearts column and would gain 5 points for each reply. James received 3 replies, Richard received 0, and Jeremy, who placed his ad in a “Men seeking Men” column, received 2 replies. 

In the third challenge, they were told to spend the change for the £1,500 they spent on their cars to modify them and improve them, and their modifications would be judged by a member of the Porsche Owners Club. 

In the fourth challenge, the Stig did a lap on the three cars, in which they would lose a point for every second over 1:35 and gain a point for every second under. Jeremy's 928 did it in 1:45, James' 944 did it in 1:43 and Richard's 924 did it in 1:44.

In the fifth challenge, each car should try to make the longest skid marks when setting off, making a number 11 on the track. James' 944 makes a 31ft long eleven and Richard's 924 makes a 35ft long eleven. Jeremy, though, because his car could not make a smoking start, made random marks on the road and said it was a Chinese number 11.  

In the sixth and last challenge, they had to sell their cars and would gain 1 point for each £1 under the original price of £1,500 and gain 1 point for each £1 over. Jeremy managed to sell it for £1,800, as he didn't sell his 928 as a car, but as parts, and Jeremy turned the seats and the 4.7 V8 into chairs and a table. 

Jeremy wins at the end.

Presenter Porsche Bonnet Up Fuel Lonely Hearts Elevenses Lap Concours Sell Total
Jeremy 928 -35 -90 10 0 -10 3 300 188
James 944 -5 0 15 15 -8 10 -100 -73
Richard 924 0 10 0 20 -9 8 -1500 -1471