The following are quotes from Caravan Holiday.

Richard Hammond Edit

(After Top Gear Dog vomits in the car, he comforts her) You poor dog.

(Being 'kidnapped' by an elderly fan along with Top Gear Dog) Mommy!

James May Edit

(After crashing into a neighboring caravan's awning) They'd be out bird watching or something.

(After making the caravan tilt) Hold on, we've got to put the legs down.

Jeremy Clarkson Edit

(As Hammond and Top Gear Dog are 'kidnapped' by an elderly fan, to the film crew) Don't follow him.

Dialogue Edit

What You Do When Caravanning Edit

Elderly Fan's Husband: Go around, see the countryside.

Elderly Fan: Fill up the loo.

Finding Jeremy's Weapon Edit

Richard: What the heck? (voiceover) And I've discovered Jeremy's secret weapon.

Jeremy: What?

Richard: (shows that Jeremy packed a rifle) That's an AK-47!

Jeremy: I might need that. (confiscates the gun)