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Stig driving the Caparo T1.

The Caparo T1 is a British rear-wheel drive, mid-engine supercar produced by Caparo Vehicle Technologies, intended as a steet legal race car. Caparo began producing the T1 in mid-2007 and now produces about 25 T1s a year. This is the fastest car to go round the track, with an astonishing time of 1:10.6!

Unfortunately, it was also unreliable, even potentially dangerous when parts failed to work. Previous to Clarkson's driving attempts, a Dutch journalist veered off a racetrack when a part of the front suspension came adrift, the throttle stuck open at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and most infamously, BTCC champion and Fifth Gear presenter Jason Plato was driving it when a faulty oil-sealing component caused a fire in the cockpit, causing third-degree burns all over his body. It wasn't particularly reliable for Clarkson, either. The cabin floor fell off, with the fuel injection system failing shortly afterwards. Clarkson further criticised the T1's price of $225k and its steering, further complaining about the lack of grip when it goes around corners.

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