The Budget Bond car, without it's spoilers retracted.

The Budget Bond Car is a Rover 820i modified by Edd China to resemble a James Bond/spy car, using ideas and feedback from the viewers of Top Gear and 300 pounds. The car was then demonstrated by China and Richard Hammond.


  • All standard car features.
  • Another lever is located beside the handbrake, and when the button is pushed, the car releases massive amount of balls from the behind, to prevent being chased by enemies.
  • Jason Dawe fired paintball rounds in the car, and when the car's bulletproof function was activated, the spoiler raises up, and a 'bullet proof' tea tray worth 6.50 pounds was attached to it. The bullet proof tea tray managed to stop the paintball rounds.
  • The fluffy dice on the car's rear-view mirror is a trigger for two semi-automatic fitted in the place where the indicator lights are supposed to be.
  • A doorbell acts as the switch for the passenger ejector seats, but need to be activated from a distance.
  • There are two rocket launchers in each front passenger doors, made out of a drain-pipe. After the rocket is inserted, they need to be lighted, and Edd provides Hammond with a windproof lighter. The rockets fire, and managed to rip the head off the cutout.

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