The ninth episode of the first series of the first series of the Amazon motoring show The Grand Tour premiered on the 6th of January, 2017. It is entitled Berks To The Future. Filming for the studio segments of the show took place in Stuttgart, Germany.

Synopsis Edit

Segments Edit

Hammond attempts to become a doomsday-prepper by building a series of apocalypse-proof vehicles which May and Clarkson proceed to destroy in increasingly explosive and outlandish ways.

Elsewhere, Clarkson attempts to reinvent the SUV by building a creation of his own, which he dubs "the Excellent".

The guys also find new ways of charging electronic devices.

Test Track Edit

May hits the Eboladrome, for the first time, in the all new Honda NSX.

Celebrity Brain Crash Edit

The guest this week was German singer Nina, who was killed after being carried away by 99 red balloons.

Tent Location Edit

The tent was pitched in Stuttgart, Germany. More specifically, the tent was pitched inside the Ludwigsburg Palace.


Berks To The Future - 01x09 - Trailer

Berks To The Future - 01x09 - Trailer

In a jam-packed show, Clarkson has a go at building his own SUV, Hammond creates a series of Apocalypse-proof vehicles, and May hits the Eboladrome in the Honda NSX.


  • May drove the Honda NSX for a second time on The Grand Tour during the second series premiere, Past, Present or Future.