In Top Gear, the popular BBC motoring show, a back-up car, sometimes called the forfeit car, is a vehicle provided by the producers, usually in Specials, that is used by a presenter on the show should his car break down. Back-up cars are generally cars that the presenters unanimously dislike. To date, no back-up car has even been needed on a Top Gear Special.

List of Cars UsedEdit

Below is a list of the back-up cars which have been used in Top Gear Specials.

Special Car Fate
Patagonia Special Citroen 2CV Not needed. The car was one of the many cars damaged in the attack on the Top Gear convoy as the crew fled Tierra del Fuego. It was the only 'star car' to escape Argentina to Chile.
Africa Special Ford Scorpio Estate Sank to the bottom of a Tanzanian river after being incorrectly loaded on to a homemade ferry by the producers of the show as Jeremy, James, and Richard celebrated their successful crossing.
India Special Austin Allegro Not needed
Middle East Special Vauxhall Astra Cabriolet Not needed
Vietnam Special American livered Honda Bike with Born in The USA Song Playing Not needed
Botswana Special Volkswagen Beetle           Ironically crowned to be the "winner" by the presenters as it didn't suffer from any breakdowns during the trip. It was not, however, driven by any of the presenters.

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