Technical Specifications
Production date


Body Style(s)

4-door sedan


Front engine, rear wheel drive


3.6 L S38B36 I6


Getrag 280/5 5-speed manual




l:4719mm w:1750mm h:1392mm

Curb weight


BMW m5

Four generations of M5 lined up.

The BMW M5 is a high-performance version of the BMW 5-Series automobile made by BMW Motorsport. First introduced at the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1984, the M5 has been made from various 5-Series versions throughout the years, including the E28, E34, E39 and most recently the E60. Originally, the M5 was hand-built utilizing the 535i chassis and a modified BMW M1 engine. When introduced, it was the fastest production saloon car in the world.

In Top GearEdit

In Series 3, Episode 2, the second generation version (E34) of the M5 was largely reviewed on the Isle of Man, where it was tested along with the '70s M1 and the original M3.

Outside Top Gear, in one of Clarkson's motoring specials, Clarkson raced the Stig with a BMW M5, while the Stig, his opponent, raced in a Ferrari F430

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