The Aston Martin Vanquish S

Now, the Vanquish S is no ordinary Aston. It was the fastest production car Aston Martin has made before they released the One-77. It also has rather delightful handling. But is it really much better and different than the ordinary Vanquish? There were plenty of differences, but none of them immediately noticeable. Aston lowered the ride height, stiffened the suspension and tweaked the steering. It also had a nice amount more horsepower. So, now the big test: is it any good when put against a Ferrari 575.

The comparison comprised of a 1/4 mile drag race and a breaking test. The result: the Aston lost the drag race. And then it lost the braking test. But, in an Aston you can pretend to be James Bond.

The Power Lap Edit

The main question preceding the lap was would the S be any quicker than the ordinary Vanquish. Ah, yes, as a matter of fact it would be. the Vanquish S cmpleted its lap in a time 1.27.1.

Years produced: 2004-2007

Engine: V12

0-62 m.p.h.: 4.0 seconds

Power: 520 b.h.p.

Max. speed: 204 m.p.h.

Gadgets: A Sports Dynamic Pack gives sportier steering, suspension and brake features.

Cool factor: If you purchased one of these you would be offered a free driving course in your choice of North

America or Belgium.

Trivia: The car has improved stability courtesy of an aerodynamic splitter.

The flappy-paddle transmission has more say over when to change gear than the driver.

The bootlid has been redesigned for improved stability and balance.

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