The Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24

The N24 is certainly a no-frills car. It hasn't got a radio. Or air-conditioning. Or carpets. Or a passenger seat. But don't worry because it has a lot of switches. Such as a master switch. Or an ignition switch. Or a fuel reset switch. Or some pump reset switches. But they're only the ones required to start the engine.

Once James began his quest - accompanied by Jeremy and Richard in their own supercars - to find the best road in the world he gradually began to hate the hot Aston. It made a lot of noise, it made James sweat and it made his bottom ache. James was happier after he bought himself a cushion to sit on.

Years produced: 2006-present

Engine: V8

0-62 m.p.h.: 5.3 seconds

Power: 410 b.h.p.

Max. speed: 175 m.p.h.

Gadgets: None

Cool factor: This is an Aston for people who like raw, basic racing.

Trivia: It's 250 k.g. lighter than the standard V8 Vantage. It weighs about the same as a large motorbike.

It doesn't have a window. It's more of a catflap.

The seatbelt takes about 5 minutes to work out how to get it on.

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