Jeremy drove the V8 Vantage and really quite liked it. Despite being small, hence its nickname the baby Aston, its antisocially noisy and biblically powerful. Depress the accelerator and the carefully crafted volcano of an engine erupts, but something isn't quite right. It feels faster than it actually is. Never mind though, because this Aston is certainly no snail.

Jeremy tried to see if it actually was as fast as it felt by invading the Isle of Man and getting The Stig to race it down a closed road. The V8 Vantage was up against a BMW M6 and a Porsche Carrera S to see which one was fastest. Amazingly, the Aston and the Beemer held exactly the same time and as for the Porsche... well, that was 6 seconds quicker. But such small factors can be easily overlooked.


Years produced: 2005-present

Engine: V8

0-62m.p.h.: 4.9 seconds

Power: 420 b.h.p.

Max. Speed: 186 m.p.h.


  • The option called Sportback allows the handling to be changed to sports mode or comfort mode.

Cool WallEdit

  • The V8 is one of only two cars to make it into the Cool Wall's special fridge.


  • At full volume, the engine can be heard from two miles away.
  • 78 prototypes of the V8 Vantage were made before Aston decided it was good enough to make it into production.
  • In 2005, Jeremy changed the results for 'Coolest Car of the Year' and instead of the Porsche 911, he gives it to the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, causing Hammond to eat the result paper in front of him and James.

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