When Jeremy arthritically clambered into the DBS he was expecting thrills and frights from the huge engine and overwhelming engineering. Although, bafflingly, he found the experience rather underwhelming. He discovered why when he turned the car from track-mode to road-mode - the DBS is a a great cruiser. Its luxuriousness and good looks make it the inevitable choice for a driving holiday.

The Power Lap Edit

With spinning wheels and a roaring V12 The Stig left the wet start line impressively. The end result didn't please Jeremy though, so once the track dried another lap was done in a time of 1.23.9.


  • Years produced: 2007-now
  • Engine: V12
  • 0-62 mph: 4.0 seconds
  • Power: 510 bhp
  • Max. Speed: 194 mph


  • The key is called an 'emotion control unit'.

Cool factorEdit

  • Although Jezza wasn't that impressed, it was good enough for James Bond in Casino Royale.

Trivia Edit

  • Carbon ceramic brakes are a feature for the first time in a road-going Aston Martin.
  • When you plug in your 'emotion control unit' the words 'Power. Beauty. Soul.' light up on the dash. This is actually a bit annoying.
  • It has adaptive suspension so it knows when to be race-like or street-like.