Team Aston Martin Racing - Aston Martin DBR9

Aston Martin DBR9

The DBR9 is the racing equivalent of the DB9 and its racing career has been quite successful, notable victories including Silverstone 2005 and the Le Mans GT class 2009. Obviously, a race car can't just be a roaad car with stickers, it has to be extensively modified. Because the DBR9 is more powerful and lighter than the standard DB9 and so as double the power-to-weight ratio.

The Power Lap Edit

Wheelspinning off the line, The Stig tore round the track a bit like a majestic ballet dancer juggling with chainsaws. It recorded an excellent time of 1.08.6. However, because Aston can't sell the car, it was disqualified.


  • Years produced: 2005-present
  • Engine: V12
  • 0-62 m.p.h.: 3.4 seconds
  • Power: 600 b.h.p.
  • Max. speed: 180 m.p.h.


  • A fast race car is all very well, but it also needs to be safe. Thankfully, there's steel roll cage, so it is.

Cool factorEdit

  • Cars number 007 and 009 are named after James Bond and his DB9 in Casino Royale.


  • During Le Mans 2009 the DBR9 got through 12 sets of tyres.
  • The aluminium roof has a few differences from the DB9's, such as no glue in some areas to save weight.
  • The bodyshell is almost completely carbon fibre so it ways 1 tonne less than a DB9.

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