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The DB9 Volante.

Jeremy already had the DB9 on his list of great cars, but what would Richard think of the convertible Volante version? To start with, there were a few unwelcome modifications which Richard disliked. To begin with, Aston lowered the top speed to 165 m.p.h. to prevent the hood canvas shredding at higher speeds. And, as is the case with most convertible versions of hardtops, the handling wasn't as good.

But it did have character and soul, things which make any car great. To find out how good it was, Richard got hold of a seven-week-old Labrador puppy. Not to race, though. Richard parked in a street and asked people if they would rather have the dog or the car. It was an easy victory for the pup, but at least the Aston can actually get you somewhere, whereas the Labrador just sits on your lap and dribbles.


  • Years produced: 2004-present
  • Engine: V12
  • 0-62 m.p.h.: 4.9 seconds
  • Power: 450 b.h.p.
  • Max. speed: 165 m.p.h.
  • Gadgets: If the onboard computer thinks the car's about to roll over it sends up two roll-hoops from behind the rear seat headrests.
  • Cool Factor: Before production Aston sent some cars for extreme weather testing in Death Valley, North America and the Arctic Circle in Sweden - with the roof down!


  • The interior is hand-made by nice wood and leather craftsmen.
  • It has massive 19-inch alloy wheels.
  • The normal DB9 has a top speed of 186 m.p.h. but 'elf n' safety ruined everything by limiting its speed.

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