Andy Wilman

Andy Wilman is the current executive producer of The Grand Tour and the former executive producer of Top Gear. Wilman, alongside Richard Hammond and James May, famously quit Top Gear in 2015 following Jeremy Clarkson's Dismissal. Wilman and Clarkson were responsible for much of that era of Top Gear's style and humour. Wilman and Clarkson were childhood friends from Repton School in Derby. Wilman is referred to by name as 'Mr. Wilman' on The Grand Tour, and is used as a scapegoat for the premise of the Namibia Special. Wilman was also a former presenter on the original pre-2002 version of Top Gear. Wilman, Clarkson, May, and Hammond own W. Chump & Sons, the television studio responsible for producing The Grand Tour.