Adam's AmbuTaxi

The AmbuTaxi was Adam Ferrara's homemade taxi that was featured in eleventh episode of Top Gear US's third season, titled 'Taxis'. The AmbuTaxi was made from a Ford E350 Type III Ambulance; Adam chose to build his taxi from an ambulance because he thought he could use the sirens and lights to get passengers to were they wanted to go faster and because passengers could lie down on a strecher and drink from an IV bottle attached to the ceiling.


For the first test the presenters had to drive two hundred yards to a plastic family of four with luggage, load them into their taxi, and drive back to the start; the challenge was a test of capacity and the fastest time would win. Adam's attempt was the second best of the three (behind Rutledge's El Camino) and he completed his run with no challenge. 

For their second challenge the presenters had to complete an obstacle course designed to replicate the typical taxi journey. They would have to shuttle the other two presenters around whilst also carrying some Vegas-sized drink cups. At the end of the course the presenter driving would have to pass through a gate marked with a coloured flag that the other two presenters specified. On his run through the course Adam had little problems but Tanner and Rutledge had a water fight in the back of his Ambu Taxi. 

For their third and final winner takes all challenge the presenters had to transport passengers around town for the night with the winner being the one who got the most tips. Adam picked up a group of male clubbers who were won over by the promise of alcohol in the IV bags. On the trip one of his passengers asked Adam if he could "speed things up" so he activated the sirens. Adam was the first to drop his passengers off and received an enormous $100 tip from the male clubbers. Adam next passenger was Murray the Magician and his assistant. On the journey Murray tried to impress Adam with his magic tricks but Adam, who wasn't buying into his act, decided instead to "make the traffic disappear" by again turning on his siren. After dropping off the magician, and getting a $20 tip, Adam picked up his final passenger which turned out to be his dad. He received a $20 tip for his father. Adam won the challenge with a total of $140 for the night but was disqualified for using his sirens.

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