Jeremy and Richard being hit

Aerial Laser Tag was a challenge featured in the second episode of series nineteen of Top Gear in which the presenters drove across the Western states of the USA in three supercars - the Lexus LFA, Aston Martin Vanquish, and Dodge Viper. The presenters cars were each fitted with laser receptors and each would have to drive their car around the Willow Springs race track while they were shot at by two stunt planes. The presenters were originally cocky about the challenge thinking it would be impossible for the planes to shoot at the cars. However, they quickly found themselves being slaughtered by the pilots eventually resorting to tactics such as hiding and doing donuts in an effort to conceal their location. At the end of the challenge Richard had been hit 23 times, James 17 times, and Jeremy 48 times, making James the winner.

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