The presenters looking at the Volvo

The 17yr Old Challenge was featured in the 13th series of Top Gear. Jeremy, Richard, and James were told to buy a 2nd car, and insurance for it, for under 2500 pounds. James brought a Golf, Hammond a Hyundai S Coupe, and Jeremy a Volvo 940. They were then given challenges to complete with their cars.

Challenge 1Edit

Their first challenge was to modify their cars so as they would 'attract girls'. They were also told that they could only use the money that they had left from buying their cars to do so. Jeremy had no money left so he could not modify his car. James and Richard did however and bought a stereo and a body kit respectively.

Challenge 2Edit

Their next challenge was to drive to an 'abandoned' campsite and then each pack up camp gear. The winner was to be the one who packed all their gear up and then got up the hill. Whilst on the journey their James stopped at a petrol station to take a leak and Jeremy and Richard glue his stereo and stole his remote. They then inserted a CD, which James hated, and turned it up to full. Upon getting to the campsite, Clarkson's car did a 180 on the slippery hill, exclaiming 'That was well parked!' Jeremy packed all of his gear first and subsequently broke his back window in the rush. James was the first to reach the top of the hill though as Richard and Jeremy kept skidding on the wet grass. Richard was next and Jeremy was last. Jeremy was never shown getting up the hill.

Challenge 3Edit

Their next challenge was to try to drive as quietly as they could back to their 'parents' house. Richard went first and scored 50.4 dB whilst Jeremy scored 66.1dB as he accidentally pushed his car into a shed. James however scored an incredibly high 98.7dB after Jeremy turned on his stereo with the remote he stole.

Challenge 4Edit

Their penultimate challenge was to repair their cars (they were rolled over by a forklift) in a way so as their parents wouldn't be able to spot the damage. Richard was the winner with 4 points, Jeremy second with 2 points, and James last with -100 points.

Challenge 5Edit

For their final challenge the presenters were told to drive around a section of the Top Gear Test Track and hit every obstacle in their way. They were told that they would be deducted 5 points for every obstacle they failed to hit. The track was littered with bikes, cones, a flower stand, a bus shelter, and other assorted items. Finally they had to complete a hand brake turn because it 'turns on girls' and get through and impossibly small gap between 2 cars. The handbrake turn was judged by 3 girls. Jeremy and James both completed their runs whilst Richard crashed on the first obstacle and 'died'. No points were awarded to anyway in the end for the handbrake turn.


In the end Jeremy won by 4 points over James and Richard. However, his car has received substantial damage from the final challenge (i.e. the windscreen wiper was constantly turned on).


Car Festival Test Parents' Drive Repair Lap of Crashes Handbrake Turn Total
Jeremy Volvo 940 0 34 2 121 0 157
Richard Hyundai S Coupe 120 50 4 -174 0 0
James VW Golf 150 -1 -100 103 0 153


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